How to Choose the Right Casegoods Manufacturer for Your Hotel

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When it comes time to choose hotel casegoods, you need to find the right manufacturer. Casegoods are a critical part of a successful hotel, as they are key to guest satisfaction and promoting a consistent brand image. Your choice in casegoods needs to be strategic, which means your choice in a manufacturer needs to be strategic as well. 

You’ll want to choose hotel casegoods manufacturers with the ability to produce an aesthetic that fits your brand and pleases your desired clientele. The right manufacturer should also be able to adapt to your project. 

There are several factors that you’ll want to consider before choosing a manufacturer for your casegoods project. In this blog, we’ll go over five of them that should be top of mind.

Understand Your Target Market Needs

If you don’t know the needs of your target market, you won’t know whether a manufacturer can produce products that fit your criteria. Monitor the changing needs of your guests and reflect those solutions in your casegood design. As mentioned above, casegoods help to define your hotel guests’ overall experience. So, you want to give them what they’re looking for, and better yet, exceed their expectations. For example, the kind of casegoods needed in a hotel that caters to business travelers may be different from the kind of products needed in a hotel that is more wellness-centric. 

After determining and fully understanding what guests may be looking for, you’ll have an easier time narrowing down which manufacturers can do what you’re in the market for. 

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When choosing the best hotel casegoods manufacturers it’s important to consider the customer service they will provide. A well-established that has been designing hotel casegood for years is more likely to have a strong reputation for excellence. The right manufacturer will be able to support a wide range of needs, including comfort, function, and aesthetics. They will be able to adapt to your project as necessary to meet your specific casegood needs. 

In-House Manufacturing

A manufacturer that has in-house production capabilities is critical. By cutting out the middleman when buying hotel casegoods, you are likely to save time and money. Manufacturers and vendors that outsource the production result in increased costs and can result in comprised quality, less room for competitive pricing, and even a lack of service support. In-house manufacturing means you can be more involved in the manufacturing process, which can be highly valuable to the end product and goals. 

Consistent Quality and Superior Construction

Hotel casegoods manufacturers that place value on material and construction quality should be sought out. The quality and durability of your products are key to extending their lifespan. So, you’ll want to find a manufacturer that can ensure superior construction. You’ll also want to ensure that the manufacturer can produce high-quality products consistently. Especially if you have multiple locations that need multiple products. Consistent quality is imperative to brand image, especially in the eyes of guests. 

Location Matters

When choosing a manufacturer, you often need to decide between domestic manufacturers, overseas options, or a combination of the two. This decision should not be made lightly, as hotel casegoods can be very expensive. There are several benefits to working with a domestic manufacturer, ranging from lower prices, shorter lead times, and even intellectual property protections. Having your casegoods manufacturer on the same soil as your hotel will often simplify and streamline the production process. 

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The Takeaway

By selecting the best casegoods manufacturer, you’ll be able to produce pieces that meet the needs of your guests, perpetuate a consistent brand image, and may reduce costs related to production and shipping. 

When considering manufacturers, WoodgeniX hits the mark on all of the factors — from excellent customer service to in-house manufacturing, competitive pricing opportunities, and superior material quality and construction. Contact us for more information about how WoodgeniX can help with your next hotel casegoods project.

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