7 Factors to Consider When Buying New Hotel Casegoods

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Deciding on the right hotel casegoods is key to guest satisfaction and promoting the brand value of your business — so your choice needs to be strategic. There are a variety of factors to consider, but for most buyers and interior designers, the cost is the biggest contributing factor. In this blog, we cover 7 other factors that you might not have considered before that make a big difference beyond just price.


When choosing a casegoods vendor, it’s important to consider whether the vendor has a manufacturing facility or not. Choosing a casegoods vendor that will need to outsource the manufacturing will likely result in an increase in production costs, compromise in quality, less room for competitive pricing, and even a lack of service support. When your vendor has manufacturing capabilities, you can be more involved in the process from planning to deployment. Additionally, it’s crucial to take into account the vendor’s years of expertise, the competence of their team, and their accreditations. When you collaborate with a vendor that has in-house experts and designers, you’ll be granted a higher level of transparency throughout the entire process. This means you can seamlessly integrate any last-minute product changes, even while the manufacturing is underway.

Material Quality and Durability

When considering new casegoods for your hotel, lodge, or resort think critically about the quality and durability of the materials. It’s not unusual to consider trendy casegoods options when updating your hotel or furnishing a brand-new space. However, trendier designs are not often manufactured with high-quality materials. This is because it’s expected that with the shift in trends, the pieces will be replaced sooner rather than later. The current pattern of consumption (more, faster, cheaper) is unsustainable, especially when it comes to the hospitality industry. It’s more cost-effective to invest in furniture and specific materials that will last and are timeless in appearance to act as a base for a style that will continue to evolve with time.

Handling, Packaging, and Shipping

When considering the purchase of new hotel casegoods, many people underestimate how much handling, packaging, and shipping will impact the overall cost of the project. The choice of vendor and whether they are based in the United States or overseas plays a pivotal role in the decision. Opting for hotel casegoods manufactured abroad can lead to increased expenses in handling, packaging, assembly, and freight. Additionally, factoring in the lead times based on the vendor’s location is crucial, given the recent global supply chain challenges resulting in substantial delays. Lead times may see a doubling or even tripling effect, depending on factors like the commodity, region, and importing stations.

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Shipping and handling processes often contribute to substantial waste, whether through fuel costs associated with overseas shipping or the materials used for packing and shipping. Waste management is a critical consideration for businesses aiming to reduce their environmental footprint. In recent years, the U.S. has witnessed growth in the eco-friendly furniture market, encompassing responsibly sourced materials, fair treatment of workers, and waste reduction. When selecting casegoods, prioritizing cost-effective options with minimal environmental impact is advisable.


While not universally applicable, storage considerations are essential for certain buyers, particularly those representing large hotels or resorts. When replacing casegoods, a phased approach may be necessary, requiring collaboration with a vendor capable of not only procuring and manufacturing products but also providing storage solutions. The choice of materials for casegoods may be influenced by the need for resilience during extended storage periods.

Warranty & Service Support

Evaluating the warranty offered by a manufacturer is a crucial aspect of the decision-making process. Consider the duration and terms of the warranty, ensuring it aligns with the project’s requirements. Assessing case studies, testimonials, and reviews can provide insights into the manufacturer’s commitment to warranty terms and ongoing service support. Opting for a vendor with a substantial warranty and consistent service support throughout and beyond the project’s lifespan is advisable.

Touch Ups

Along with the warranty, it is important to assess whether the vendor or manufacturer provides touch-up services. Even durable furniture may require periodic touch-ups, necessitating access to the original stains, paints, and colorants. Choosing a domestic manufacturer facilitates swift and convenient shipment of touch-up materials. In contrast, overseas vendors may entail extended waiting periods of up to three months or longer, compromising the convenience of timely touch-ups.

The Takeaway

As you can see, when it comes to choosing new hotel casegoods, there is a lot more you need to consider than just the cost. It’s important to find a vendor/manufacturer that meets all your specific needs and can create casegoods that are cost-effective, high quality, and durable — and will be there to provide service support and touch-ups if ever needed. 

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