3 Misconceptions of Custom Casegoods

July 13, 2022 | More from

There are a lot of misconceptions in the hotel casegood business. Especially when it to the pricing, turnaround, and process of manufacturing custom casegood pieces. So, it’s time to set the record straight. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the top three misconceptions we’ve heard from potential customers. We’ll also look at why they shouldn’t stop you from ordering custom casegoods for your hotel.

What are casegoods?

We covered all the basics of casegoods in a previous blog, which you can read here. To summarize, casegoods is a term that refers to furniture made of “hard” materials such as wood, metal, glass, or plastic. This includes chests, dressers, bookshelves, desks, wardrobes, cabinets, and several other components. 

When it comes to hospitality, casegoods help make your space unique. They help to define the room — which can help to define a hotel guest’s overall experience. They are important to the furnishing of a hotel. Casegoods play a large role in bringing a brand to life. They should align with the overall style and design of a room. 

So, why are there misconceptions around casegoods? As you can imagine, furnishing a hotel is a major undertaking that has brand image and experience at stake. Getting it right the first time, and every time an update needs to be made can be overwhelming. This is why the decision might be put off or the scope reduced because of preconceived notions. Let’s take a look at the reality of these factors so that you can make the right choice for your space.

Misconception #1: Custom Casegoods are Expensive

One of the most common misconceptions that we’ve come across among potential customers is that custom casegoods are expensive. There is a common belief that “American-made” products are more expensive than imported. Overseas materials and labor may be less expensive upfront, but if all factors are considered, American-made products are often competitive — if not a more cost-effective option.

Check out this blog for 5 reasons why working with a domestic manufacturer is a financially responsible move for your hotel. In short, the combination of shipping costs, tariffs and customs, durability, and quality needs to be taken into account. If you base your decision solely on the list price but don’t consider the hidden costs now and beyond such as longevity and customer impression that could degrade your brand, you’re only looking at surface level.  Consider all your options, weigh the pros and cons of the factors that impact the price of your customized casegoods, and make a decision based on your unique needs.

Misconception #2: Long Lead Times

We’ve heard it many times before, “customized products must take longer to produce” and that’s not always the case. Lead times have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues. When importing products from overseas, lead times can soar. However, domestic manufacturers, including those who create custom solutions, have a leg up. Without an ocean between designers, retailers, and their products, lead times on custom casegoods are minimal in comparison to imports. 

Just as the hidden costs of shipping and importing can add up, the cost of lost time can as well. Ports impacted by unexpected delays and backlogs could push out openings or reopenings, which could result in lost revenue.

In the production schedule of most custom casegood manufacturers, the lengthiest lead time typically arises from sourcing materials. Materials such as laminate, veneer, and stone are typically purchased on-demand, based on the specific selections of the customers. Here at WoodgeniX, we are committed to utilizing local resources whenever possible. This helps to shorten lead times considerably, ensuring that our customers get the pieces they need when they need them.

Misconception #3: The Process is Too Complicated

Trying to visualize a custom piece of furniture can be difficult at times. It can be a challenge to not see the finished product before it is manufactured. This can make the entire process can seem very complicated. Furnishing a hotel is a major undertaking. Both brand image and guest experience are at stake, which means it’s important to make the right decision the first time to avoid costly updates or replacements.

It’s imperative to work with a custom casegood manufacturer that has a standard process in place. This includes client approval prior to the start of manufacturing. Your manufacturer should support you through the entire life of the project, and beyond. 

We have created thousands of different custom casegood projects and we understand that the first time can feel daunting. From concept, design, engineering, manufacturing, and delivery, we center our customers and break down each step of the process. With over 40 years of experience, we can anticipate possible obstacles to the project and overcome them — because the main goal of a custom casegood project is to ensure all the pieces fit together seamlessly.